Founded in 1994, RVC & Associates Pte Ltd is a general insurance intermediary catering to both the commercial sector and the general public. Over the last 2 decades, we have become one of the leading corporate insurance advisers in Singapore, with a strong pool of clients and contacts ranging from SMEs, public-listed companies, multinational corporations and government agencies. 

Our Services

  • Corporate Insurance

    Corporate Insurance

    Running a business will presents its own unique set of risks.

    With RVC & Associates, let us work together to limit your liability and mitigate losses with our host of solutions.

  • Personal Insurance

    Personal Insurance

    Protect your family and loved ones from unforeseen circumstances with our various packaged policies.

Pre-Con Survey

Dilapidation Survey is an important survey that is conducted before the commencement of any construction or demolition works.

Prior to excavation and Piling Works of a development or construction, it is the responsibility of a contractor to appoint a Professional Dilapidation Surveyor to carry out a physical inspection of existing adjacent buildings as required by The Building and Construction Authority (BCA). 

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